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Coni L. Adams is a dedicated housewife and mother

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Coni L. Adams demonstrates dedication to her family and community every day as a housewife and stay-at-home mother. Adams achieves this by remaining involved and active in Easton, Massachusetts, volunteering as a parent for sports and academic teams, and working with and leading a number of philanthropic organizations. Her philanthropic history includes volunteer work for local, state, and federal organizations, medical organizations, and school activities.

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IT Services
August 5, 2022

IT Services | The Positivity and Drawbacks

IT Services varies from the actual utilization to its effectiveness. When a company requires basic information technology services, it sometimes makes more financial sense to contract out the performance of those duties to an outside vendor. It may be prohibitively expensive to provide these services by employing a team of IT specialists in-house. A company […]

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